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Depth of Practice, Brings Depth of Experience, Brings Depth of Healing…


Beginning with our bestselling chakra healing guided meditations, and guided by the wisdom of the Goddess, you will bring your chakras into greater balance, harmony and radiance.

A series of powerful energy healing activations and attunements to divine rays of light are at the center of this course and purify and awaken your chakra centers. Through hypnosis & creative visualization and guided by ascended masters & archangels you release all that is not vibrating with your highest self, reprogram and re-envision the stories that are creating your life.

Listen to Aimee introduce you to your chakras and the process of

guided meditation & creative visualization.

Your Guide

Aimee Rebekah Shea

Aimee is a holistic therapist and meditation artist. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master and has been trained professionally in Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Therapy®, crystal healing and mediumship. She is the executive director of Indigo International.

She has had a successful private practice for the past ten years, specializing with work with children and adults with Anxiety, Autism, ADD and ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, autoimmune and nervous system based disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia & epilepsy. She has taught hundreds of students in small groups in person and online about how to integrate hypnotherapy, meditation, chakra healing, energy healing and crystals into a daily healing practice. Aimee’s bestselling Chakra Healing Guided Meditation and Creative Visualization Program has helped thousands of people all over the world bring harmony back into their bodies, minds and spirits.

She has completed extensive graduate level educational research, she holds a Master’s Degree in Education from NOVA Southeastern University and has completed Master’s coursework in Mental Health Counseling at NOVA Southeastern University, Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and Doctorol coursework in Public Health at Walden University.

Aimee en-joys experiencing and sharing divine wisdom from lightbeings, angels, ascended teachers, animal spirits, crystals, herbs and whole foods. She is currently working to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy healing practices through the development of an evidence-based scientific research program. Her goal in all her work is to educate and empower individuals to realize transcendent health. 

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